Soul - the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.

Wealth – an abundance of valuable possessions or money; plentiful supplies of a particular resource.


 strategic planning for Organizations


strategic planninG for families

transactional consulting

Wealth (or capital in a business setting) has increasingly been limited to things that can be measured, weighed, or counted.  There are other aspects of wealth or capital.

An individual can be wealthy in knowledge, relationships, family, faith, community, creativity, health, or spirituality, in addition to money.

An organization can have extensive human capital, community capital, innovation and knowledge, core values, an overarching purpose, and legacy, in addition to profits and cash flow.

Every individual and every organization defines “wealth” in its own unique way.  When an individual or organization has clarity about what wealth means and aligns itself with that definition, amazing things can happen.

This is the Soul of Wealth: consulting and planning to create clarity around your unique path.