Soul of Wealth LLC is based upon the belief that the wisdom to solve most issues we face already exists within us and cannot be provided by outside experts.    That wisdom may be obscured by a variety of factors but it lives and breathes inside us.   At Soul of Wealth, we choose to think of the container that holds this wisdom as the “soul;” but you could call it the heart, the mind, the subconscious, the universe etc.   

In our view, the role of a planner or consultant should be to assist people in tapping their inner wisdom.   This requires that we act as mirrors for you in order to help you see the full reality of your situation.  Sometimes we are so caught up with perceived problems that we lose sight of the extent of our strengths and opportunities.

To change the way we work as consultants we needed to take two key steps: (1) control our impulse to solve and advise at the outset; and (2) limit our compensation to fees only in order to eliminate any activities that could limit being objective.   The final step was to design a simple three step process for every engagement.

1.     Awareness – collecting and examining data to get a shared vision of the reality of the situation.

2.     Clarity and Simplification – from a point of awareness, create the time and space for the client to identify the values and vision that underlie what they are trying to accomplish and to devise the simplest and most direct action steps possible under the circumstances.

3.     Alignment – make sure all parties involved in the planning are in alignment with the values, vision and next steps.

When a person or organization is aligned with their values and vision, creativity and growth are unleashed.  New opportunities present themselves for creating your “wealthy life” or your “successful venture.”   This is the Soul of Wealth.

About Bob Heinrich, CFP®, JD

During Bob Heinrich’s diverse career, he has worked as a mergers and acquisitions attorney, general counsel and then chief operating officer of Fender Musical Instruments, a sports and entertainment marketer, a managing director of a successful financial services company, an estate planning attorney, and certified financial planner.   An analytical thinker by nature, he became increasingly aware that there was a pattern that emerged between solutions to issues that worked and those that did not last.   Successful solutions always involve the presence of absolute clarity and conviction by those people with a vested interested in the results.   This holds true for corporate planning, estate planning, financial planning, and other planning that organizations and families engage in.  Bob realized that the clarity of the professional, while necessary, was not sufficient.   Rather, positive results require that the client have clarity about what is wanted and that all plans align with deeply held goals, values and vision.  This requires a different professional where listening and awareness of personal biases becomes as important as expertise.     It is from this realization that the Soul of Wealth was born in 2016.

Career Highlights:

·         Certified Financial Planner™ since 2011.

·         Estate Planning Partner, Honigman, Miller, Schwartz, & Cohn, LLP, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

·         Managing Director, Schechter Wealth Strategies, LLC, Birmingham, Michigan

·         General Counsel and then Chief Operating Officer, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, Scottsdale, Arizona

·         Mergers and Acquisitions Partner, Goldberg, Kohn, Bell, Black, & Moritz, PC, Chicago, Illinois

·         Law Clerk to the Honorable Joel Flaum, Seventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, Chicago, Illinois.


 ·         J.D. University of Michigan Law School, Magna Cum Laude, Class of 1985.  Notes and Research Editor of Michigan Law Review

·         B.A. in Economics with High Distinction, University of Virginia, Class of 1982.

 Bob is actively involved in the Detroit Jewish community as a volunteer, a teacher, and a speaker.  He is also committed to the general Detroit community and the need to take a more holistic view of what is important in rebuilding this once thriving area.  Bob is a student of the Jewish mystical tradition and believes that the wisdom of the past can enlighten, rather than conflict with, the modern business and financial worlds.

“If being good is worth dying for, then it is worth living for. And if it is worth dying and living for, then it is certainly worth enjoying.” ~ Rabbi Noah Weinberg